Get In Touch With Each Lead Immediately!

In a simple empowering format, we can easily track all the details informations of our visitors.


Contact Optimization

We can immediately contact with our leads by having a systematic and automated managing system. This covers various important aspects including, authentication and identification of each lead. For doing so, we need to follow contact optimization process to get in touch with each lead immediately. This processes ensure that our leads are treated immediately with maximum efficiency and security.


Call Me Now

The Call Me Now is also referred as Immediate Contact. It requires our leads immediate phone contact information. For this, we need very swift response since it is closely linked to conversion rates. If we respond to the right moment, there remains a chance of closing a sale. Whenever a lead leaves a telephone number in a form, our Lead Management technology contacts him immediately and then transfers the call to the Sales platform.


Call Me Back

The Call Me Back can also be referred as Programmed contact. It basically, indicates the desired time of contact. Initially, the process is same as Call Me Now. But, it has additional benefits. Waiting time, call queueing is less than other approaches. It has also reduction in programmable attention, the possibility of offering an out-of-hours attention service, reduced Sales platform costs, etc.


Call Routing

Call Routing refers to a number for the lead to call. It allows to show a toll-free number so that a lead can call our sales force. This call will be forwarded to the sales force as an incoming call. it will allow the registration of each call’s origin. But, if the lead calls outside our sales attention or working hours, the system will automatically program a new contact attempt and will tell the lead what the hours of attention are.

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Why Choose Call Back Leads

Get a comprehensive support with ur weekly analytics and site-tracking report to ensure your sales

Smooth Multi Channel Transition

Many customers prefer multi channel communication. There are many options for communication such as emails, chats or social media etc. According to our customers expectations, we promise them a call back and follow up on that promise.

Cost Reduction

Putting a customer on hold can cost more and it is also bad for reputation. Our Call Back leads cut the need to keep lines open. This removes the cost associated with the hold times. It also frees up the line thus cutting down on the trunk costs.

Improved Agent Productivity

Our Call Back Leads reduce the functionality of holding the customer on calls, which improve the productivity of the agent. With this approach our agents can call you back so that you can also be relaxed, taking time and doing better conversations. And if the agent is more productive, you are bound to get better service.

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