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Blog - DTX Merchant Cash Advance Leads

When realizing the benefits that come along with merchant cash advance financing, overall more and more are opting to choose this source of alternative financing compared to traditional bank solutions. At times of steady to almost very low revenue growth, the traditional banks stop loaning money to businesses with low credit scores. Business owners thus look for alternatives to help them find a more reliable solution for their business such as Merchant Cash Advance.




A merchant cash advance has become one of the fast-growing methods of funding a business. It is among the quickest and easy methods due to many advantages. An MCA is an advance against a business’ future revenue sales. Unlike traditional banks that take count of a business's credit score to qualify for a loan, a merchant advance doesn’t depend on a credit score of a business to be eligible.



Valued and exclusive lists such as Live Transfer Leads exist to help reach the right prospects. As a merchant cash advance provider, when you plan to start a MCA marketing campaign to sell merchant cash advance loans, getting business loan leads from a trustworthy lead generation company like ours is the right option.


Two Major Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Convenience- A merchant cash advance is a convenient and simple alternative finance choice for all kinds of companies. unlike traditional loans, it doesn't need months of back and forth before the lean is even considered. there's no need to give a specific business plan or back tax returns either. Normally, candidates for the loan will only need recent copies of recent bank statements and proof of your sales to receive an MCA loan.

Repayments options are flexible- Unlike traditional banks where the borrowers pay a fixed monthly instalment as repayment, merchant cash advance repayments are a share quantity of total credit/revenue sales, which may fluctuate based on sales volume. This feature is quite beneficial for the companies as they do not have to worry regarding large monthly payments.


What our Goal in the MCA Business is?

We provide the most cost-effective and DNC compliant live transfer lead generation offers for merchant cash advance businesses. The goal is to provide exclusive and qualified live transfer leads that help reach potential merchants efficiently.



Why Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads are Important?

High quality and exclusive lists such as live transfer leads are the best way to be successful in a merchant cash advance marketing campaign. Studies show that since 78% of all sales go towards a company that interacts quickly with potential leads, live transfers help assure that you are one of the first. They give you the first-hand availability to communicate and connect with a potential lead as soon as that merchant shows interest.


Benefits of getting live transfer leads from a strategic provider like ours:

  • DNC & TCPA compliance.
  • Pay only for Qualified Leads.
  • You only speak only to qualified merchants.
  • Fund leads with a specified time period like as soon as possible or within 1 week.


The Live Transfer Leads we generate are reliable and ensure the smooth functioning of your MCA campaign. Due to the high quality of resources and the high conversion ratio, our MCA live transfer leads can guarantee potential. In contrast to ordinary lead generation services that deliver lists without any checking, the data used in our live transfers are confirmed and filtered to ensure the exclusivity and authenticity of the information given. We update our leads on a monthly basis and changes are made as needed.

In conclusion, it's high time that as a Merchant Cash Advance having access to quality leads will help you know your target customers, which will help you come up with strategies to start a perfect marketing plan and achieve your goals.


Best Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads for Lenders Tuesday, 08 January 2019 00:00

Best Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads for Lenders

There are 2 facts regarding the MCA business that are familiar to all. One known fact is that merchant cash advance now a days is in high demand from small to big businesses everywhere. The second fact is that for the most part of finding merchant cash advance leads, finding the leads continues to be troublesome for MCA businesses.

Demand for Merchant Cash Advance

The basic idea of the MCA Business is to fund businesses in need of finance / merchant cash advance for his or her business use. For instance, if we have a tendency to compare MCA with traditional banks, here are a number of the big differences between them:

  • Traditional banks turn small businesses down on the basis of bad credit while MCA businesses do not take credit score into thought.
  • Traditional banks follow a long time consuming process for funding while Merchant Cash Advances are a quicker option.
  • Traditional banks require a number of formalities, which is not the case with MCA.

With these variations between an MCA and traditional Bank, it's safe to say the clear winner here is the MCA choice.Thus, as business owners come to grasp about the MCA option of finance, they look for reliable MCA providers. These business owners are considered as the merchant cash advance leads.

At DTX we offer the foremost cost-efficient and DNC-compliant Merchant Cash Advance Leads generation program for the merchant cash advance business. we aim to provide fresh and qualified MCA live leads to assist you reach prospects quick.

Demand for Merchanct Cash Advance

Obtaining the Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Acquiring merchant cash advance leads is tough because there are a number of MCA suppliers available. This makes it tougher and offers out bigger competition within the market and also the merchant cash advance leads get divided among all these MCA suppliers.To find an answer you'll need the assistance of a company who are Lead generation specialists like DTX Business Solutions. Our specialists have access to variety of resources in today's merchant cash advance Leads Business industry from where they generate authentic lists and data, including the information regarding the leads.

Merchant cash advance provides you with information, like updated and reliable lists of leads, that are your best way to increase business success. Not only this, our lead generation specialists also assist you to set a correct structured MCA lead generating campaign that can help you get those leads and turn them into potential clients.

Obtaining MCA Leads

How Our Specialists Can Help You?

Our Lead Generating Specialists keep an eye out on the current day to day Merchant Cash Advance Leads market to determine the ups and downs. By making a list of the current business owners who need a funding and are qualified through criteria that is pre-set, they are known as potential leads for an MCA business. The lists and database used to provide potential leads are renewed on a regular basis with the help of consistency in market research, expert knowledge, and the right tools/technology.

From us to you, you will target solely Qualified Leads. This saves time that would rather be wasted on out of date and not fundable leads, this enables you to be precise with your marketing campaign, and achieving the best results for your Merchant Cash Advance business.

Merchant Cash Advance Leads Specialist

Benefits of using Merchant Cash Advance Leads:

  • Only highly-qualified, good leads are transferred
  • Our leads generate potential merchants that are looking to fund their businesses
  • We generate leads based on the interests and needs of the target audience
  • These leads help improve business productivity and a chance to fund

In conclusion,getting expert help in obtaining information about Merchant Cash Advance Leads or MCA live transfers, is the best advantage to succeed in this Merchant Cash Advance Business. If you understand that expert help is what you need for getting the most qualified Merchant Cash Advance Leads, get in touch with us now at DTX Business Solutions.