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Blog - DTX Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Though the useful features related to an MCA make it a preferred, funding option among business owners. Finding target customers to sell business loans to may be a challenge.

Thankfully, high-targeted lists like live transfer leads exist to assist you to reach prospects with efficiency. Ever since traditional funding sources have ceased funding to small businesses and new companies because of poor credit ratings, these businesses have started trying to find various financing, like merchant cash advances.

A merchant cash advance is the easiest method of alternate financing available. It is a fast, secure and safe alternative to traditional bank loans.

If you're operating within the merchant cash industry, you're attentive to the importance of building a consumer base and encouraging them to look forward to MCA loans.

When it involves finding out new merchant cash advance leads, undoubtedly, you need to look for a reliable and beneficial source, such as merchant cash advance live transfer leads.


Knowing the Importance of Live Transfer Leads


A live transfer lead is when a lead generating company screens a doable lead and straightaway connects it to the company through live transfers. it's considered the foremost efficient and reliable method of generating leads and selling business loans.



Studies show “since 78% of all sales happen to go to the MCA company who interacts with the prospect first, live transfers can help assure that you simply are always the company that comes first. in addition, they provide you with the chance to speak and connect with a prospect the second the prospect shows interest.”

These figures clearly illustrate how vital and useful live transfers are for the MCA business. But, the question arises, wherever do we get this merchant cash live transfers?

Don’t contemplate finding the prospects on your own. it's merely a waste of your time and cash. without reliable sources and information, this is not a worthy option.



Getting in touch with an experienced lead generation service like ours is the best approach. At DTX Business Solutions, we provide DNC complaint, fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign.

With years of experience within the cash advance industry, we all know what it takes to succeed and strategize an ideal marketing plan for you. Our qualified and dedicated team of sales professionals mix high technology and a proprietary, business owner info to deliver outstanding results from our live transfer lead generation program.


Key Benefits of our Live Transfer Lead Generation Program


1. Pay only for qualified leads.
2. Speak only to qualified merchants.
3. No weekends, holidays or late night calls- receive leads during banking hours.
4. DNC Compliance- No voice broadcasts.
5. Industry experts are available to help guide your marketing efforts.
6. All leads are phone verified.


Achieve success in your MCA marketing campaign with our live transfer leads. All our leads are constantly updated and guarantee the accuracy of the data.


Why Us?


We provide a DNC-compliant live transfer lead generation program for the business. Since our beginning, we've been generating quality leads for the merchant cash advance industry and perceive what it takes to succeed. Our well-trained call centre representatives create use of our proprietary business owner info to deliver outstanding results from our merchant cash advance live transfer campaigns. Our network of call centres is generating many qualified live transfers daily. Let our experienced employees handle all of your inbound marketing needs and experience a boost in your sales.


Our Qualified Live Transfer Leads Feature


1. Businesses listed need funding within one to two weeks
2. Minimum 1+ year in business
3. The borrower has an immediate use for funds
4. Online tracking portal
5. Direct communication with business owner/decision maker
6. $10,000 or more a month in gross sales revenue


Overall if you are planning merchant cash advance marketing to sell business loans efficiently, getting our qualified live transfer leads is the ultimate solution.


How our MCA Leads Are Benefiting ISOs or Lenders


Lead generation is one of the toughest tasks in polishing off business marketing! For businesses like merchant cash advance lenders, getting the Best MCA leads is even harder. To make things simple, effective and organized, MCA providers typically request skilled help for a lot of satisfying marketing strategies. For this type of help, the lead generation specialists at DTX Business Solutions are used for best results!

If you are an MCA provider looking forward to launching a result-oriented, merchant cash advance marketing campaign, then you’ve come to the right place.




Get to Know More About Our MCA Leads


The first step towards MCA marketing is to know WHO your leads actually are. Trying to find leads blindly in the market, and using a hit-and-miss technique, can solely cost you time and money! This is why we recommend obtaining help from lead generation specialists like us at DTX Business Solutions. We can assist you by providing correct and updated data regarding potential MCA leads within the market. This data is maintained as information or lists, which are given to MCA providers by us.


Through this accurate and updated data, you’ll understand that small businesses and startups are literally searching for funding, and considering MCAs.Lead generation specialists assist you by providing info solely about leads actually seeking MCAs for business loans. There’s no waste of your time, money, or effort.




Once you have got useful info regarding merchant cash advance leads, lead generation specialists like us at DTX Business Solutions will help you approach the potential merchants a lot better. For years, we have been helping MCA providers secure and well-planned merchant cash advance marketing campaigns. Our teams of experts work with you to set up the right marketing campaign and approach these leads in a cooperative manner.

Information provided by us is, accurate, and frequently updated. Surprisingly, half your work is done; these leads are already trying to find business funding options. Once you approach the leads, all you need to try and do is use the correct means of communication and convert them into funding.


Helping you to Get a Better Conversion Ratio

We assist you to keep your approach honest, clear, and professional. we have a tendency to also assist you to grab leads through effective merchant cash advance advertising. Our marketing scheme and plans are strategically designed, targeted on your goals for increased conversion ratio. We tend to walk you through a gradual process so that you may be ready to convert the leads effectively and don’t miss a step on your way to lead a far better conversion ratio for funding.

With lead generation experts like us, you'll be able to rest assured your merchant cash advance marketing campaign goes to assist you to acquire the foremost qualified leads available!


How to Target Right Prospects?

Targeting MCA leads is a tough thing to do if you don’t have the right information with you. But this information is eagerly available with lead generation experts like DTX Business Solutions.


We have a team of lead generation specialists that keep a detailed eye on the market and maintain a record of small businesses and startups for potential leads. Through our efficient merchant cash advance marketing methods, we have a tendency to gather correct data concerning these businesses. we additionally update this data often keep out all obsolete leads, by us, MCA lenders can easily target these leads and approach them for their MCA loans to fund. Lead generation experts like us also help MCA businesses in conducting honest business loan marketing campaigns.


The information provided by these experts has the below-mentioned qualities that you can benefit from:


  • Highly reliable
  • Always updated information
  • Authentic leads


With all these benefits, you can easily approach merchant cash advance leads through the right marketing plan and strategy. If you are looking for ways to kick off your MCA marketing campaign, get help from lead generation experts for the best results.

DTX Business Solutions is the go-to company for the best Lead Generation benefits and marketing campaign to upstart a long funding spree for all your lending needs.