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What do ‘Live Transfer Leads’ Mean for the MCA Business?

Though the useful features related to an MCA make it a preferred, funding option among business owners. Finding target customers to sell business loans to may be a challenge.

Thankfully, high-targeted lists like live transfer leads exist to assist you to reach prospects with efficiency. Ever since traditional funding sources have ceased funding to small businesses and new companies because of poor credit ratings, these businesses have started trying to find various financing, like merchant cash advances.

A merchant cash advance is the easiest method of alternate financing available. It is a fast, secure and safe alternative to traditional bank loans.

If you're operating within the merchant cash industry, you're attentive to the importance of building a consumer base and encouraging them to look forward to MCA loans.

When it involves finding out new merchant cash advance leads, undoubtedly, you need to look for a reliable and beneficial source, such as merchant cash advance live transfer leads.


Knowing the Importance of Live Transfer Leads


A live transfer lead is when a lead generating company screens a doable lead and straightaway connects it to the company through live transfers. it's considered the foremost efficient and reliable method of generating leads and selling business loans.



Studies show “since 78% of all sales happen to go to the MCA company who interacts with the prospect first, live transfers can help assure that you simply are always the company that comes first. in addition, they provide you with the chance to speak and connect with a prospect the second the prospect shows interest.”

These figures clearly illustrate how vital and useful live transfers are for the MCA business. But, the question arises, wherever do we get this merchant cash live transfers?

Don’t contemplate finding the prospects on your own. it's merely a waste of your time and cash. without reliable sources and information, this is not a worthy option.



Getting in touch with an experienced lead generation service like ours is the best approach. At DTX Business Solutions, we provide DNC complaint, fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign.

With years of experience within the cash advance industry, we all know what it takes to succeed and strategize an ideal marketing plan for you. Our qualified and dedicated team of sales professionals mix high technology and a proprietary, business owner info to deliver outstanding results from our live transfer lead generation program.


Key Benefits of our Live Transfer Lead Generation Program


1. Pay only for qualified leads.
2. Speak only to qualified merchants.
3. No weekends, holidays or late night calls- receive leads during banking hours.
4. DNC Compliance- No voice broadcasts.
5. Industry experts are available to help guide your marketing efforts.
6. All leads are phone verified.


Achieve success in your MCA marketing campaign with our live transfer leads. All our leads are constantly updated and guarantee the accuracy of the data.


Why Us?


We provide a DNC-compliant live transfer lead generation program for the business. Since our beginning, we've been generating quality leads for the merchant cash advance industry and perceive what it takes to succeed. Our well-trained call centre representatives create use of our proprietary business owner info to deliver outstanding results from our merchant cash advance live transfer campaigns. Our network of call centres is generating many qualified live transfers daily. Let our experienced employees handle all of your inbound marketing needs and experience a boost in your sales.


Our Qualified Live Transfer Leads Feature


1. Businesses listed need funding within one to two weeks
2. Minimum 1+ year in business
3. The borrower has an immediate use for funds
4. Online tracking portal
5. Direct communication with business owner/decision maker
6. $10,000 or more a month in gross sales revenue


Overall if you are planning merchant cash advance marketing to sell business loans efficiently, getting our qualified live transfer leads is the ultimate solution.


How to be Successful in the MCA Marketing Business?

MCA Marketing Business is gaining popularity as an opportunity in the Financial Industry for quite some time now. Senior and upcoming business people have either started already or going to start there MCA Business. The MCA Business is full of challenges you have to face quite often, sometimes you have to work with a limited budget, and such a  situation will occur on a regular basis. Another typical condition will be low Cash Flow and problems in workflow because of it. To run a successful MCA Marketing Campaign, what you need most is Merchant Cash Advance Leads consistently coming in on a daily basis.

Merchant Cash Advances are getting known in small and mid-sized businesses. Because if a business owner receives $10-$15k every month in card sales, he/she has enough reasons to consider Merchant Cash Advance as a way to fund their business. Another plus point is if a business owner fulfills all the criteria required then the MCA Loan will be approved in less than 72 hours. You will have to fund those qualified business owners. Later on, the loan will be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through a little portion with a fee from card sales. However, how you will find those business owners? To get these owners you will have to rely on a good MCA Business such as DTX who provide the utmost experience you will see to find such pre-qualified owners to give MCA's To.


Merchant Cash Advance Leads Generation:


In this competitive world, the right size of consumer community is available to receive Merchant Cash Advance. However, like other businesses, Merchant Cash Advance Leads are not easier to find. To get the right amount of MCA Leads, Merchant Cash Advance Business owners need to spend or invest into various methods for MCA Marketing. But those methods often come back with less than the expected investment. In this scenario, you should leave all the hassle-filled jobs in the hands of the experts as DTX consists of experienced and skilled people can help you out from problematic situations in terms of MCA Leads. We will generate MCA Leads according to your requirements and work closely with you so that you can get maximum profit from your investments.

Apart from the brutal competition we at DTX may face, the supplementary main challenge that providers of merchant cash advance have to cope with is winning the confidence of their latent clients. It is not an easy task to track all positions clearly and determine the level of interest of the cash advance buyers to get cash advance services. Plus, it is also hard for MCA Providers as they have to struggle daily in order to get appropriate customers for their business. Taking into account the technical complexity of the merchant cash advance industry, focusing on market researches will help merchant cash advance suppliers to craft effective ways of engaging and searching their potential buyers. With this approach, MCA lead generation plays an extremely vital role in the merchant cash advance industry and there is where we step in with our expertise to overcome the odds and provide the best service possible.


The Importance Of Choosing a Prominent MCA Leads Generation Service Provider:


In the past, you could have a cold calling to the business owners and asked them about whether or not they are interested in Merchant Cash Advance. Those days are gone now, nowadays the MCA Industry is competitive like any other mainstream industry. New Funders are trying their best to survive in the MCA Industry. Every theory in terms of marketing is being deployed to generate more Leads for a profitable MCA Business, if you can efficiently use those strategies to your benefit, you will see the growth of your sales skyrocket. From there on you can draw resources from your sales pipeline whenever it is necessary.

Now applying those theories are not as easy as it sounds. You need expert support to a hassle-free execution for those strategies.  While MCA leads require that your business spend time and resources for pinpointing your target audience, working with an MCA sales leads vendor will not only save your valuable time but also your energy and valuable resources. While MCA leads require that your business spend time and resources for pinpointing your target audience, working with an MCA sales leads vendor will not only save your valuable time but also your energy and valuable resources.



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That is why DTX is always with you to support in achieving the targets. As an MCA Leads provider we will send Fresh and Qualified Leads to your phone, and keep going until you are satisfied. In comparison to other methods and doing it yourself, it has a low cost per lead and low cost per acquisition advantage. If you need additional support from other Merchant Cash Advance Marketing Campaigns, DTX is more than happy to assist you so that you can enjoy the return from those methods. As a Merchant Cash Advance Leads Generation Company, we can offer you Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads from our updated continuously and ever-expanding database. Ensuring the highest of quality, we promise to increase the return on investments.   


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