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Advantages of our Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Know more about the advantages of our Merchant Cash Advance Leads

All merchant cash advance providers think that Merchant Cash Advance Leads won’t have an interest in taking a loan from them unless they're convinced regarding the advantages. And, the way Merchant Cash Advance suppliers educate them makes all the distinction in the sale. Cash is an essential demand of each small or mid-sized business. It is used for making payments to employees, suppliers, inventory maintenance, and a number of alternative functions for business growth. As a result of the recession, the credit market has tightened its rules, and in other words, most banks are unable to provide businesses with cash advances. So, what should businesses do to fulfill this requirement?

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Definition of Merchant Cash Advance and Merchant Cash Advance Leads?

A merchant cash advance is a substitute for business funding to those businessmen who don't have a decent enough credit rating to secure a business loan from a banking institution. MCA funding is the purchase of a business’ future credit card sales at a rebate. The business enterprise receives the cash advance from the MCA provider and advantages instantly from the additional cash flow to take a position within the business. The MCA provider buys the right to receive a part of the business’ credit card sales each month—approximately 8 may 1945 of the total receipts.

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Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Advantages of MCAs:

MCAs are a better alternative to regular commercial loans, and here’s why:

No credit rating required - unlike traditional business loans, MCAs are a safe approach to accessing money. This is because it's a sales transaction. Hence, it stays off of credit reports. Where there is a risk of losing collateral in a traditional business loan, there is no such risk attached an MCA.

Uncomplicated application and collection - an MCA funding is a easy and sleek method from starting to finish. Where traditional business loan lenders valuate the amount, financial statements, interest rates, and credit ratings, an MCA provider solely looks after monthly credit card returns and time in business. In general, $5000 in monthly credit card sales and 9 months in business are lowest.


Quick access to money - Receiving money in the case of an MCA is less time intense than traditional business loans. In the case of a traditional bank loan, a time period of weeks or typically a month is needed. But in the case of an MCA loan, the cash comes in hand within a week of applying. Such an instant response works as a quality for you if you're in imperative need of money to repair inventory or seize a chance. 

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Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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DTX Business Solutions is one of the top Lead Generation Companies in South Asia. We have been generating Merchant Cash Advance Leads for over 4 years. These prospects are desperately looking for funding asap  or in a few weeks time and Pre-Qualified to get approved for Business Cash Advance. 

100% Replacement warranty
for any bad leads that's
Not Qualified  !!!

Let's Imagine
You are getting 100 pre-qualified leads/day and funding 15-20% of them which is going to get you over $450k - $600k (Average $30k Monthly Gross)  funding every day !!!

  • $600k Funding/Day (100 Leads)
  • $3 Million Funding / Week (500 Leads)

All of them are:

  • All Business Owners
  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • Making At Least $15000 Gross Sales/month
  • Haven't filed any bankruptcy
  • No Current Outstandings
  • Looking for funding ASAP or within a few weeks

What would that do for your business?
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DTX Business Solutions is a Hosted International Call Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been working with Private Lenders for almost 4 years.

So, feel free to contact us today to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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